Naymaps Maphalala’s ambition makes him a very attractive man indeed.

Since his debut on Uzalo Naymaps has caught the attention of many ladies with his handsome looks, charisma and of course his ambition has made him even more attractive to us.

These are just some of the few reasons why we love this man so much.
The Musician

As we mentioned he is not only an actor but quite an impressive musician as well. Have you heard him play the piano? The man is not bad at all.
The fashion designer

Naymaps is all about going out there and doing your own thing, creating your own brand and selling it to the people. Last year, the actor officially released his clothing line Naymaps Clothing. Speaking to ZAlebs, Naymaps had mentioned that he had been working on his own clothing line way before acting on Uzalo.

“The launch of this clothing line has been something I’ve been working on for the past two years. I’ve been working on it even before Uzalo. It was quite a challenging process because one moment it would seem like things were happening and then another moment it seemed like things weren’t happening, but then everything started working according to God’s plan,” he said.

Since he launched his clothing brand, Naymaps has seen his hoodies and t-shirts sell like hot-cakes.The Adventurer

It’s always fascinating to see what people enjoy doing in their spare time and although we would never pursue a hobby in skydiving, Naymaps has shown no fear and will probably skydive again in the near future. So ladies, if you have dreams of dating Naymaps, your weekends and holidays are probably going to look like this.
He’s part of the Mercedes-Benz team

You just can’t contain your attractiveness towards a man with ambition. Hard work has clearly paid off for this man and we hope to continue to see more of him achieving his goals in the near future.

Ladies, are you crushing on Naymaps like we are?