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A son’s marriage is a major day in every mother’s life. She harbors the thought of finding a gushing daughter-in-law herself ideal since the birth of her son. It highlights on her schedule when her son starts earning, And thus begins one helluva ride of endless meetings & clumsy questions to discourage potential brides, anticipating her son as the most eligible bachelor in town.Exploring for potential applicants at each wedding, social function has turned into a routine.

And finally, the mother-in-law brings home the BEST daughter-in-law with all glory and excitement. Here a daughter-in-law, Mira has vowed to bring home a mother-in-law for herself in Get me married.

Zee world brings to you all of this with its new show…with just one little twist!!what will happen when a mother-in-law is welcomed home by her daughter-in-law.

Hook on to Get me married, starting 14th June, every Monday-Friday on Zee World

Get me married on Zee world all cast, real name and their pictures

Meera on get me married Zee World

1)Meera real name Deepti Shrikant: One of the most charismatic stars and lead actress in “Get me married” who hailed from Pune and Solapur, and she stars in many Indian series Zee world series films.She has a degree in Mass come and started her acting career in 2010 and finally got married in 2013.

Saasubai cast on get me married Zee World

2) Saasubai real name Asawari Joshi: Asawari was born in 1965 and never starred in many soap operas, and was only recognized for her roles in Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta and “Get me married”.She is married and has no child as of now.

Abhilasha cast get me married Zee world

3) Abhilasha real name Deepti Samel – she is new in Zee tv entertainment. Ever since she was in 7th standard, Deepti was related with acting. As a lead actress she had performed in few movies. Deepti had made her entry on small screen through small role in ‘Awaghachi Sansar’. But she got recognized through Abhilasha’s role in the popular series ‘Get me married’.

Kash Kasmira cast on get me married Zee World

4) Pradnya is famous as “Kash-Kasmira” for her role in star Zee tv series “Get me married”

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