Actress, Florence Masebe has always been vocal about her love and passion for acting.
In almost all her Twitter posts, Florence always engages in conversations about how the film and television industry can be improved on. In addition to those conversations, Florence is always sharing her knowledge with young people who aspire to work not only as actors but directors, producers, and writers as well.
Florence has gone a step further and is now offering classes to 10 aspiring actors during the June/July holidays.
So what does it take for you to be one of the lucky 10 actors to be chosen by Florence?
It’s quite simple actually, all you need to do is post a video clip of yourself performing a monologue in any of the 11 official South African languages and tag Florence via Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @FloMasebe.
Immediately after she shared the news Florence received hundreds of video clips from aspiring actors who have shown interest in being trained by the actress.
Here are a few videos from the online auditions.
If you’re really serious about pursuing a career in acting we suggest you grab this opportunity and run with it.
We are not sure when Florence will be announcing her top 10 students but when she does we’ll keep you posted.
Respect to Florence for doing her share in opening up the industry.