While South Africans countrywide celebrated the special role fathers play, insurance company Outsurance came under fire for their Father's Day tribute.

The insurance company on Sunday posted a video on Twitter in honour of all the "amazing dads out there".

Outsurance video which sparked outrage. Picture: Twitter

In the video, fathers are seen sharing happy moments with their children and having silly moments.

Instead of stirring emotions, the advert caused an outrage, with users blasting it for its lack of diversity and failing to represent South African fathers of all races.

One user sarcastically congratulated the company for turning what should have been a celebration of all fathers, into a celebration of white fathers.

Another user also attacked Outsurance for raising funds of the Knysna fire victims while failing to do the same thing for victims of shack fires.

Celebrities also reacted to the video, with the likes of actress Rami Chuene posting a montage of pictures which could have been used to celebrate fathers.

Actor Hlomla Dandala also weighed in on the matter, saying the advert clearly demonstrated how fatherhood was clearly not a black thing.

When contacted for comment, Outsurance said it was aware of the post and has since apologised for the "offensive" advert.
Some of the reactions to the advert: