WHAT was meant to be a happily-ever-after tale of romance has allegedly turned into a nightmare for actress Palesa Madisakwane.

This as the former Generations star allegedly lives in fear for her life after a woman, rumoured to be pregnant with her new boyfriend’s baby, “has lost her marbles”.

According to insiders, the woman, known only as Phumzile, has been stalking Palesa and threatening her for stealing the good life she had with

Pretoria businessman, Nico Matlala.

Said the first mole: “That’s just plain old nuts. Nico had moved on to actress KB, then broken up with her, before hooking up with Palesa.”

Nico allegedly dated Phumzile after dumping KB and before getting together with Palesa.

“Phumzile has been sending her friends to stalk, harass and follow Palesa around. It’s sad how what was meant to be a honeymoon stage of their relationship has turned into a real-life horror.”

When called for comment, Palesa said she would not allow anything to come between her and her happiness.

“I don’t want to entertain this negativity around Phumzile,” she said.

A second source claimed Nico considered hiring a bodyguard in a bid to protect his woman.

The third insider said: “Phumzile regrets having lost a good loving man who used to do everything for her. She used to drive big cars and live large, but now that’s all gone.”

The source claimed Palesa and Nico were confused by Phumzile’s actions.

“It’s not as if it was Palesa who came between them and ruined their relationship. They had broken up already,” the source claimed.

Phumzile said she broke up with Nico when she was seven months pregnant.  “And I don’t have time for Palesa,” she said.

Nico could not be reached for comment.