After last weeks unsuccessful match, we were hoping that this episode would be different and it was

Tonight's bachelor was Thabiso, he is a Production Coordinator from Mondeor. He was looking for a gorgeous driven lady, "I want a confident girl, she must be God fearing. I can not stand ignorant girls, that would be a deal breaker."

The first hopeful looking for love was Refiloe. She is looking for a man that has good qualities, "I want an organised guy, he must know his story, I can't stand a disorganized guy."

The date with her family was okay, there were a few awkward moments and we were not surprised when she wasn't chosen.

The second hopeful looking for love was Thando, she was looking for a loving guy that is career orientated, " I am not picky, I just want a clean guy who dresses well."

The date with her family was the most authentic, they all got along like a house on fire.

The final hopeful was Mpho, she was looking for an employed guy who is ready to commit, "he must be employed, I want someone who knows what he wants."

The date with her family was a complete disaster.

Thabiso chose Thando and they seemed like they were into each other, we wish them all the best.