The African National Congress (ANC) in Mogale City Local Municipality believes that the DA/EFF coalition is unable to govern. This was after the council meeting which was held on Tuesday, 30 May, turned violent to prevent a secret ballot vote during the motion of no confidence tabled against Executive Mayor Micheal Holenstein by the ANC.

“Concerned at the deteriorating state of affairs at Mogale City and in order to avoid a situation where the municipality is brought under administration, the ANC Caucus in Council tabled the motion to have Cllr Holenstein removed”.

Among the reasons raised by the ANC for the motion of no confidence are that the Executive Mayor:

1. Has demonstrated delinquent behaviour by convening unlawful special council meeting violating Section 29 (1) of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act No. 117 of 1998;
2. Issued two conflicting and divisive instruction on bonuses for workers which resulted in a wild cat strike by employees of the municipality, negatively affecting service delivery;
3. Shared the draft IDP and draft Budget documents with communities and stakeholders without a Council resolution;
4. Grossly interfered with the administration on absorption of staff and was requesting CVs to be submitted to his office;
5. Failed to be ready for the State of the City Address thus denying Council and our communities an opportunity to know what progress has been made in the municipality and what are future plan to better their lives.

The ANC believes that during the council meeting the Speaker of Council Cllr Patrick Lipudi correctly exercised his powers by calling for a secret ballot to settle the issue of the motion of no confidence following lengthy deliberations.

“The Rules and Orders of Council, Rule 46 Subsection 4D state that, “The presiding officer may also determine voting by show of hands or by secret ballot or any other reliable device at the disposal of council.”

“It is therefore hypocritical for the Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters coalition who have been championing the call for a secret ballot at the National Assembly to fight tooth and nail to prevent the same call at the local council”.

The lengthy deliberations and argument made the Speaker of Council to adjourn the seating, which led the 2017/2018 Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plan and the Annual Budget/IDP 2017/2018 to be deferred to the next council meeting.

“Mogale City Local Municipality is in a state of paralysis and the longer the situation continues the more the people of the city suffer. The ANC is of the view that the people of Mogale City deserve a responsible, transparent, honest and accountable Executive Mayor who will be able to put the interest of the community first and not his narrow selfish interests”.