Before the bright lights of stardom knocked on Penny Penny's doors he cleaned toilets to make ends meet, an experience that gave him "inner-strength

Papa Penny Penny who is now a celebrated musician and reality TV star grew up in poverty and did any job to survive.

During an interview on Real Talk with Anele, Penny Penny went down memory lane to a time in his life where he sold tomatoes in the streets and worked as a cleaner.

"When I met Joe Shirimani, I was working at Shandel Music as a cleaner. I was cleaning toilets, some people would just do their deeds beside [instead of inside] the toilet pot but I just cleaned," he said.

Penny Penny said he's worked hard to maintain his stardom since then. The trend setter added that he still receives so much love from people, which makes those tough times worth it.

Penny Penny said suffering added to a man's character. "But I enjoyed it and I did because when you suffer you become a man. When you go through suffering you become stronger," he said.