Many know him as the King of Kwaito.

This week it was alleged that drums were not the only thing he beat . . .


But the allegations against Arthur weren’t to everyone’s liking.

This as the kwaito king’s ex-lover and recording artist at his 999 Music record label, Chomee, was outraged.

Speaking to the SunTeam this week, the singer (also known as Mzansi’s dance queen) said the social media attacks on her boss painted a warped picture of the man.

Said Chomee: “I’ve known Arthur since I was nine years old. He’s not the kind of person described in the news. He’s not a woman basher.

“Look, I’m all for women’s rights. But there are too many complications when two people are involved in a relationship. I want to insist that the courts must decide who’s right and who’s wrong.”

She said it was unfair that most people, including senior politicians, had attacked the King of Kwaito based solely on allegations because: “you are innocent until proven guilty”.

“Look, Arthur is anything but an abusive man. In fact, it’s news to me that he’s capable of lifting a hand to a woman. Besides, a shrewd businessman – who always stands by his artists – is what Arthur is. He can turn any performer into a brand in a very short space of time. But an abusive man? Nah!” Chomee said.

“The one thing the public lacks awareness on is how dirty showbiz is.

“I remember how I suddenly gained new friends when I started fighting with Arthur. People were offering me ‘goodies’ to bad-mouth him.

“But when it’s all said and done, Arthur is a very sweet man and a good father to his daughters.”

When the SunTeam eventually tracked him down, the King of Kwaito refused to comment.

Arthur said: “The matter is sub judice. I’ll reveal all the explosive details in court, and I’ll clear my name. I’m not taking this lying down.”

An insider alleged that Cici’s claims were “designed” to deal Arthur a blow.

“Cici is moving to another record label and she’s pulling this stunt to hurt Arthur.”

But Cici could neither confirm nor deny this, as she was not available for comment.

Cici opened a case of common assault following the incident which landed her in hospital last week.

Police confirmed that Arthur also opened a counter case of common assault.