Cape Town is on high alert - across land, sea and air - as the South African Weather Service anticipates the full extent of a major cold front to be unleashed across the Western and Eastern Cape on Wednesday.
While schools have been shut for the day, with the University of Cape Town also confirming it would be closed for the day as emergency services are on standby - Airports Company South Africa says it has put a number of plans in place.
Strong winds that have been forecast could impact aircraft operations. Four airports could possibly be affected by the storm, but Acsa says it is prepared and equipped to deal with the possible impact. 
On Wednesday morning at 06:30 Airports Company Spokesperson Deirdre Davids advised all flights have departed as per the schedule.
"We're on track so far," says Davids after confirming Acsa anticipated Cape Town, George, East London and Port Elizabeth to possibly affected.
"These airports have completed a host of preparations that include ensuring that heavy equipment on the airside is appropriately secured, that storm water channels are clear to avoid floods and making sure that key staff are on standby to respond to possible spills, leaks or flooding," says Davids.

Acsa has advised passengers to stay in touch with their respective airlines for updates on possible delays and rescheduled flights.
"No flights have so far been delayed or cancelled."
Flysafair confirmed it will be continuing with business as per usual and will be operating its schedule as far as is safe and feasible to do so.
"There is a high possibility of weather related disruptions which could include delays and possible diversions. Our teams and back-up aircraft are prepared to ensure that we minimize any impact to our schedule, " says FlySafair spokesperson Kirby Gordon. 
"Any passengers affected by weather delays, if there are any, will be messaged via SMS directly using the numbers that we were provided at the time of booking."