A campaign, in protest against the high cost of data is being led by singer, performer and artist Ntsiki Mazwai. The social media black out campaign calls for people to avoid using social media networks on Wednesday.
Mazwai says the high cost of data in South Africa has a negative impact on society.

The high cost of data affects mostly the people on the ground. Its almost a violation of human rights.
— Ntsiki Mazwai, singer, performer and artist
Mazwai explains to Stephen Grootes, host of The Midday Report that the price of data strips the poor of the their rights to information and jobs.
She says this isn't a new issue and has been tabled before but network providers are yet to heed the call to drop the prices. Mazwai adds that a boycott will have the desired impact.
If we find that its not enough then we'll spread it over more days. This campaign is for everybody.
— Ntsiki Mazwai, singer, performer and artist
She says she also wants to know what government intends on doing to reduce the costs.
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