Anele Shares She’d Interview Atandwa Kani On Her Show! We definitely didn’t see this coming during those heated twitter wars a year ago. But this is showbiz and we might all live to see Anele and Atandwa hug it out on ‘Real Talk With Anele’.

In a recent interview with True Love Magazine, Anele explained why she took on the actor during his public breakup with her sister Thembisa.

“I wasn’t even defending Thembisa but my whole family. I don’t get how everything else is discussed by families and then in this one incident, the elders are suddenly not involved. The same elders that came to us during Thembisa’s lobola must come back again,” explained Anele.

Anele went to put it out there that she’d interview Atandwa on her talk show. “I’d interview him on my show though, because he is very talented,” she said. Guess he’s not ‘Prince Of Theater Yamasimba’ after all.