After six months since announcing his plan to part ways with his record label and management company Vth Season, AKA has announced that all forms of their business relationship is over.
In December last AKA shocked fans when he announced that he was leaving Vth Season and would be starting his own company, Beam Group.

Over the past few months AKA's music was still released under the Vth Season record label, however as of June 1, they have "mutually parted ways".

"I have the utmost respect for the Vth Season team. Together, we created magic. I have learnt a lot from the music industry and it's time for me to start building my own legacy and become South Africa's first Music Mogul," AKA said in a statement.

The rapper described the journey of establishing his own company as challenging yet rewarding.

"The process of establishing BEAM from scratch has not been easy, but has been liberating as I have a great business team to lean on. Thus BEAM's focus is not just music, as my ultimate aim is to be a multi-investor, with success in different industries," he added.