The Durban July is around the corner and Afrotainment is making the most (and charging the most) with what it calls exclusive deals for its marquee, including charging guests who want to book a table R41,000.

So what does R41,000 get you? If you're guaped and you're willing to lay down the randelas, ten people will get entrance to the Afrotainment Marquee. Once you're there, you'll be given the 'VIP' treatment.
That 'vip' treatment is detailed below.
P.S Our comments in bold
  - 5x golf course parking ( As opposed to getting dropped off by an uber)
  - 10 x Durban July gate entrance (Obvs, you need to get in)
  - Complimentary local drinks between 10am and 5pm (What exactly are "local drinks"?)
  - Complimentary snacks and buffet dinner ( At R4,100 each, a salty cracker will be nice. With butter)
  - Waitron service (We guess you can't pour the drinks yourself)
  - Private bars with credit card facilities (Well, you gotta pay for the drinks somehow, right?)
  - Executive on-site toilet facilities (Shem. At least you don't have to queue)
  - Screen for the racing and private betting totes (Or you can just stand outside and watch)
  - Entertainment on the day (Apparently Cassper, Babes and NaakMusiq will be there)
  - Fashion show featuring SA designers (Okay. But fashion on the day is also pretty lit)
But guys. Maybe some people just have money to throw around.