There are a lot of people in this world who look alike, so much so that you would actually think that they’re family members.

One of our valued readers, Tito Makave, made a very interesting comparison when it comes to celebrities who have a striking resemblence to each other.

Here’s a list of just some of the celebrities he thinks could pass as relatives.

Boity Thulo and  Don Mlangeni-Nawa

Now many of you might be up in arms about Boity Thulo and former Isidingo actor Don Mlangeni-Nawa looking alike, but we think Tito is not too far off the mark here. Father and daughter vibes?

Botlhale Boikanyo and Mary Twala

We’ve actually seen a meme of these two Scandal actresses make its rounds on social media and we agree, Botlhale Boikanyo and Mary Twala could easily come across as grandma and granddaughter.

 Babes and Criselda

Wow! ok, we hope Babes Wodumo fans don’t shoot us down for this one, but think about it, if Babes and Criselda weren’t publicly known and you saw them walking the streets together, wouldn’t you think they’re related? Tito, you’re on to something!

 Loyiso McDonald and Thato Molamu

Sgaqa Gaqa aka Loyiso McDonald and Thato Molamu! Who would’ve thought? Tito even suggests that these two take a DNA tests they may be long-lost cousins or brothers? You never know, hmm maybe Utatakho needs to intervene here.

Ok! So South African filmmakers if you plan on making a Darlington Michaels biopic and looking for a young actor in his late 20’s and 30’s, Tito thinks Thato Molamu is the man to hire.