Zitha (Zoe Mthiyane) is still getting used to life in the corporate world, but she’s got the perfect guide: shrewd-and-shady businessman Tau Mogale (Rapulana Seiphemo)… who just happens to be single and ready to mingle following his divorce from Karabo (Connie Ferguson) in January 2017.

But while Tau is smitten with the young beauty, “She’s caught completely offguard,” laughs Zoe. Tau tries to kiss her on Thursday 27 April but instead of a smooch, “She ducks out the way,” says Zoe. While Zitha’s surprise is genuine, Tau thinks that she’s merely playing hard to get and he’s not taking no for an answer – he’ll try, try, try again until he wins over his maiden.

The pair are teaming up against Jack. Smanga’s not pleased about Tau and Zitha. Tau’s marketing skills come in handy on Tuesday 2 May when he persuades Zitha to work on her business proposal in his home office. “This time Zitha goes along with it,” Zoe explains. “First and foremost, she admires Tau’s business abilities. She is excited to work with him and thinks that she’s found something special with someone who gets her – but there’s also some attraction…”

That doesn’t mean Zitha’s hopping into bed with Tau though – she can’t afford to let him find out who she is and what she’s really doing – Zitha is investigating her dad Zola’s (Mutodi Neshehe) murder Zitha’s dead dad Zola. It takes a little convincing but soon enough Zitha is locking lips with Tau. after he married Karabo in mid2016… while she was still married to Tau. “Zitha can’t allow herself to fall too hard for Tau, as her true identity could be revealed in the process,” Zoe explains. “She doesn’t want him to know her link to Zola.”

Their budding relationship comes in handy where Zitha and Tau’s controlling business partner Jack Mabaso (Vusi Kunene) is concerned as the pair want to take over the JM Eco City building project and kick Jack out. “Jack has been trying to ruin Zitha’s career and she likes that Tau holds his own with Jack and doesn’t back down,” Zoe says.

Hunting in a pack, the new power couple try to sway Jack’s allies to their side and following Tau’s unsuccessful attempts on Friday 5 May, Zitha uses her charms on Monday 8 May. “And it works!” Zoe smirks. “In the process, she also gains invaluable information that they can use against Jack.”

Zitha’s comfy enough for some public displays of affection towards Tau on Tuesday 9 May, but his nephew and right-hand-man, Smanga (Moopi Mothebeli) isn’t a fan of this new romance. Turns out he’s crushing on Zitha, “But she has no interest in him,” says Zoe. “And she’s also completely unaware of Smanga’s attrac-tion. Zitha is too focused on work when she’s with Tau.” There’s another reason why Smanga doesn’t approve of the couple getting any closer: he feels that Zitha has now taken his spot in the family business.

All of a sudden, she is Tau’s go-to confidante, while he’s being forced to take a backseat.