Zintle Ntshikila Throwback: Celebs before and after weight loss

Zintle Ntshikila completely transformed her body we will be kin to know what remedy she used for her Weight-Loss Secrets. Sometimes the hardest part of making a big change is getting motivated. Which is why we've found seriously inspiring women who have lost lot of Weight.

Zintle Ntshikila

Before: 106kg
After: 56kg
Height: 1.67m
Time taken to lose weight: Two years
Lesson learnt: “I never regret what I eat”
Secret weapon: Healthy eating and exercise

Zintle’S Tips

  1. Start where you are. “Cut out all the foods you know you’re not supposed to eat. Be aware of everything that passes your lips.”
  2. Use what you have. “You might not have a gym membership yet, but you can start with a skipping rope at home.”
  3. Do what you can. “It doesn’t require two hours of working out; bits and pieces will soon add up.”