Repo men are allegedly on the tail of Afro-pop songbird Zahara after she failed to pay monthly instalments for her expensive set of wheels for nine months

Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana, is over R350000 in arrears after failing to pay for her Audi A5 drop-top she bought through Wesbank when she was still a TS Records artist about three years ago.
An accountant who saw the account said Zahara bought the road monster in August 2012 for over R620000 and was supposed to pay more than R12000 in monthly instalments.
But the bank blacklisted the songstress after she ignored repeated pleas to settle her arrears.
Another accountant confirmed the bank was looking for the Loliwe hitmaker's vehicle after blacklisting her.
"The account is with group recovery of Wesbank since March this year because it's a bad debt account. A total amount of R341531.69 is outstanding.
"The bank has blacklisted her, she needs to call the bank and make an arrangement," said the bean counter.
Zahara could not be reached for comment as her cellphone was off and she did not respond to text messages.
Wesbank officials referred us to their head of brand and communications Rudolf Mahoney who was also not available for comment at the time of going to press.
An artist, who did not want to be named, alleged that Zahara stopped paying the instalments for her car after her insurance declined to pay for its repairs after she crashed it.
"She crashed the car so many times and I think the last time she crashed it her insurance company refused to pay for repairs," said the musician.
The accountant also suspects the Umthwalo Wam hitmaker might have closed down her bank account to evade debit orders because her company CCP/Universal was also struggling to transfer payment from her March royalties.
"March is time for royalties, so they tried to transfer money into her account, but the payment would not go through. They phoned several artists who are close to her to ask her to explain what the problem was after they struggled to reach her on many occasions," said the musician.
Zahara's house is also on the verge of being repossessed.
The accountant close to her account said the singer, who has been already blacklisted by @home retail store after failing to pay them R5000 for the goods she bought on credit, was also two months behind with her mortgage instalments.
The singer was about R35000 in arrears after defaulting for two months, and the bank was planning to hand her account over.
Zahara bought the crib for R1.9-million in June 2012, and was paying a monthly instalment of just under R10000 on the last day of every month.