Marah Louw has some strong opinions about weaves and bleaching because she is against people "insulting" what God has created.

The actress, who was a guest on the DJ Sbu Breakfast show, shared that the 'bleaching phenomenon' has been in the industry since her youth.

She said that she has always been against it because it boils down to "low self-esteem and self-loathe".

"Low self-esteem made us black people hate the colour of their skin, it made us feel like we were [cheated] because we are black. Even in my time people used things like "Ambi cream" so that they became lighter, but I don't understand why we are insulting the way God created us," she said.

Marah added that she felt like bleaching was an insult to God, and said it was like saying to God, "I hate being me, I want to be white".

The actress is also not a fan of weaves, and said that she would never "plant something foreign" into her hair.

"You will never find white people wearing our hair the way we [wear] other people's hair. Going all out like that. You will never find white people wearing afro wigs, black afro wigs to go out and stuff, unless it's a [themed] party or the circus," she added.

The actress-tuned-author recently released her autobiography It’s Me, Marah, in which she details aspects of her life and her personal views on some societal issues.