So we all saw how well entertainer Somizi Mhlongo did as a SAMA host this past weekend with comedian and actress Tumi Morake right? After all the praise you would think Somizi would be ready to do it again if the chance arises right? Well, Somizi isn’t interested in hosting the SAMA yet, he needs to take a break.

Somizi revealed that after the show he was offered the opportunity to host the awards next year but he declined.

“The producer and the CEO came to me and said you were amazing, you’ve given us no choice but to have you back next year,’ I said no,” Somizi explained on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast which he is a co-host of.

“I’m a believer in [the saying] winners know when to stop, so I told them ‘miss me a little bit, skip a year maybe’ and I will come back,” he added.