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WATCH: Ntsiki Mazwai blasts black men's 'love for weaves and makeup' on women

Outspoken musician Ntsiki Mazwai has some stinging words to share about the love black men apparently have for women who wear weaves and makeup.

Through a series of videos Ntsiki shared her own experiences with white men and black men.

Ntsiki said she noticed that white men were more "blown away" by her natural beauty.

"When I don't wear makeup more white men are attracted to me. For black men I have to put on makeup and weaves to be considered as beautiful. White guys are blown away by the African natural beauty," she said.

The musician added that after a recent experience with a guy she was dating, she decided to cut her hair.

Ntsiki also told black men that they have a "problem" and had been "brainwashed".

Watch her full videos here: