The internet is filled with videos of people being served some karma, but this video is special.

In a video loaded to YouTuber Chris Smith's channel, a man can be seen getting hit in the face after walking into a pole. In an awkward encounter with a motorist and a street pole, a pedestrian gets a slice of karma for scolding an oncoming motorist.

The man can be seen walking his dog across the road as a vehicle approaches. The vehicle slows down and abides by the law, allowing the man and his pooch to cross. However, the man was not happy and begins to shout and wave his hands at the motorist. Suddenly, he walks straight into the pole on the opposite side of the road.

After realising he had just walked into the pole, the man angrily walks towards the vehicle throwing his fists in the air while cursing the motorist. Much like the motorist, we laughed as well.

Karma works in weird ways...
Have you been a victim of road rage?