Polygamist and now reality TV star Musa Mseleku has revealed intimate details about his sex life‚ managing four women’s expectations and how he keeps everyone happy.

When Musa and his four wives made their debut on Uthando NeSthembu last week‚ polygamy and the questions that are linked to it were cast into the spotlight.

Of course money got the first mention but then people gravitated towards the next big thing: sex.

While most men would be daunted by the task of satisfying four women’s expectations‚ Musa said he always knew what he was signing up for.

“I have to satisfy all my women‚ however they want to be satisfied. It is about more than money. You can’t make excuses‚ you must provide everything [every] wife wants‚” he said.

Musa explained that he can never use one wife as an excuse to leave another wife dissatisfied‚ and that men should not consider the lifestyle if “they can’t keep up“.

The wealthy KZN businessman explained that his life revolves around a strict schedule that was equally split amongst his four wives.

“We all sit down and plan how‚ when and with whom my time will be spent. If I am at the wrong place at the wrong time then they guide me because they are not selfish. If I am at the wrong house‚ that wife will tell me ‘you are not supposed to be here today’‚” he said.

Musa added that co-operation and mutual respect from his wives make it easier to function and to “keep them happy“.

The “proud polygamist” said that he hopes to answer all “weird sex questions” that people may have by the end of the season.

Musa said he wanted people‚ especially men‚ to know that they need a strong sense of character‚ stamina and financial stability before they enter into the “challenging but rewarding polygamous” lifestyle.