One thing we've come to appreciate about Musa Mseleku is his humility and honesty about his life as a polygamist. With four wives and ten children, Musa has come to learn that being the man of such a huge family isn't easy at all

In an interview on Metro FM the businessman was asked how he proposed the idea of having a polygamous marriage to his first wife Ma Cele.

Mseleku was honest from the get go and mentioned that telling Ma Cele about his wish to be a polygamist was not an easy conversation to start.

"To be honest it was a difficult thing to do. However, for me, I used to joke about it even prior to being married to my first wife. My wife had an idea that this was the route I wanted to take although nothing was concrete at the time. The news to her wasn't as sharp as it was when I finally decided that I wanted to take a second wife."

Since Mzansi saw the first episode of uThando Nesthembu many women and men are convinced that a man needs to be very financially stable to be able to become a polygamist. However, Musa does not think so.

In the interview, Musa also mentioned that a man can handle being a polygamist any time.

"Polygamy can be managed at whatever level the man is financially. If you are a man who works at a lower level of employment you can still be a polygamist but the trick is to treat your wives equally at that level. There are people who live in rural areas who are in polygamous marriages and they do it at their level. The finances are not an issue what is key is the character of the man."

Lastly, Musa believes that honesty is what makes a polygamous marriage successful he also warned men not to get into such arrangements just because they see another man doing it, they must be sure and be dedicated to that decision.

So men, do you think you can handle being a polygamist?