Unathi Msengana has always been one celebrity who didn’t let fame change her beliefs. Unathi recently shared about her spiritual calling after her ancestors called and knowing she could not run away from the calling. Unathi opens up about her journey to becoming a traditional healer.

“There’s a spiritual calling there. I have already become more traditional. It is in the universe, I have already become more aware of the journey that I have to take,” she told Gareth Cliff in a recent interview.

The radio and TV personality says she’s closer to her roots now more than ever as she’s gets older. “I have had to accept more responsibilities, spiritually, and that is part of the journey. It is a beautiful journey and one that I have to embark on. They have been calling and I know the responsibilities. It is a journey that gets deeper and stronger as I get older,” she said.

The star however believes she’ll be called to fulfill her calling when her kids are older. “I know that my calling will only fully develop in my third phase of womanhood.”