In her first interview since her surprise departure from Metro FM, Unathi Msengana has hinted at a disagreement with the station's bigwigs as one of her reason's for leaving.

Speaking to Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral on Tuesday, Unathi said that she did not regret her decision to leave.

"I don't feel pressure and that is why I just left radio. I was on some 'I don't like what is going on right now and I am not going to put up with it anymore because I am great at what I do,"' she said.

She said it was important for her to "bow out gracefully".

There was speculation shortly before Unathi's departure that she was not happy with being paired with Khanyi Mbau on a mid-morning show during the radio reshuffle.

Unathi did not go into any more details about her decision to leave, only saying that she was not angry at the station's bosses, but pitied them because they do not know what it's like to be a DJ.

"Hate is a strong word. I pity them. There is a school of radio where we love each other and we are obsessed with radio and it is all we talk about," she said

Reflecting on her life post-Metro FM, Unathi said that she was loving life at the moment, staying up late and "drinking copious amounts of alcohol".

"I am ratchet! I am doing things that I never used to do. I love it," she said