Latoya Makhene is a popular actress in South Africa. She is popularly known for her role on Generations the legacy as Tshidi Phakade who was married to the notorious Kumkani Phakade. She is the daughter of the then popular musician Blondie Makhene. Apart from acting she is a singer and has a decade under her name as a singer in the South African music industry.

Latoya was married and is currently single as she is divorced. She is a mother of 3 children from her marriage and at age 32 she is still looking forward to have her own family but she is not sure when and with whom. The singer and musician is most popular for her role as Tshidi Phakade and most people are not sure if they ever heard a song or two from her.

As Tshidi Phakade, she is currently living with boyfriend Jack Mabaso who forced her to move in with her. The problem that she now faces is that Jack Mabaso’s wife is coming home to Jack. Her name is Nandi Mabaso. Tshidi will have to find a way on how she will live her life as she is now used to Jack Mabaso as her partner.

On the other hand she has a deal with her brother Tau Mogale to look after his child Kamo. Tshidi will have to find ways to convince Tau how she will live her life fighting Jack’s wife and taking care of the child as Tau will not allow her to look after his child with such dilemma ahead of her.
Catch Latoya Makhene as Tshidi Phakade on Generations the legacy which is on SABC 1 weekdays at 20h30.