You probably know about all or most of the celebs on this list, but you may not be aware that some of them are actually gay.

As more and more freedom and equality is granted to those in same-sex relationships, it seems that more and more celebs are taking pride in who they are. They are feeling more comfortable to express themselves more visibly and clearly for the public and their fans.

Although our constitution supports same sex unions, it is still hard being gay or lesbian in a society like ours,


Somizi is the most famous person in South Africa and we love how he uses his celebrity to bring gay issues to the forefront. He recently walked out of a church service that was shaming gay people.


Bujy is one of the very few openly gay presenters in Mzansi, we love how unapologetic he is about who he is.


The former YO TV presenter is openly lesbian and has supported causes aimed at putting an end to bullying.


As the only remaining member of 3sum, Amstel was at the forefront of fighting for gay rights in South Africa at a time when being gay was still seen as taboo.

Thandiswa Mazwai

Singer Thandiswa Mazwai is not one to excessively flaunt her private life on social media but she has been open about being in a relationship with a woman.

Toya De Lazy

Latoya is known to push boundaries and challenge people’s way of thinking when it comes to hating someone just because of their sexuality.