We don't really know why any women would be attracted to such a man like Brutus but by the looks of many social media posts, malume Brutus is a favourite with some ladies.
Even the likes of Refilwe Modiselle and Rami Chuene are rallying to be cast as Brutus' wife.
In a series of light-hearted tweets Refilwe and Rami have made it clear that their lives would be whole if they got a role as Mrs Brutus.
In April, Rami began a challenge that involved her requesting for 10,000 retweets in order for her to act as Brutus' wife on the show.
Little did Rami know that Refilwe also has her eyes on Brutus. Refilwe tweeted The Queen's producers, requesting to also be the wife of one of the most famous uncles on local television.
Rami, who already has 9,100 retweets already, is not letting her dream get snatched that easily. She has since advised Refilwe to start working hard at this challenge because she's way ahead of her.
It would really be awesome if one of these ladies get the role or even better have the two ladies play as Brutus' wife.
We'll keep our eyes open for this challenge, but it really seems like the ball is in Rami's court right now.
Main Image Credit: Instagram/@MzansiMagic