Thembisa Mdoda recently revealed the state of her relationship with ex husband fellow actor Atandwa Kani in a recent interview on her sister’s show, ‘Real Talk With Anele’. Thembisa reveals she and Atandwa have apologized to each other.

Asked if she felt she and Atandwa owed each other an apology, Thembisa says they have already done it so much to her sister Anele’s surprise.

“We have actually (asked each other for an apology) done it. Thembisa says everyone thinks they are still in fight mode and she didn’t feel the need to announce to the world that they had apologized to each other.

“I don’t think we have stopped apologizing to each other. My whole thing is, It doesn’t matter of the rest of the world knows and I’d hope he doesn’t either, now,” she said.

Thembisa says they sat down and spoken about it and she takes responsibility for a lot of things that went wrong in their relationship.

“I’ve had to take a lot of responsibility. It was just me not giving him a chance to be the husband