If you are a Thandiswa Mazwai fan, you are in for a treat as the singer is working on new music and wants to release a collaboration punk rock album, African album and wait for it... an erotic album!
King Tha, as the musician affectionately goes by in the music circles, told the Fresh Breakfast team she has been a very busy woman due to creating music.

She explained that she was experimenting with different sounds for her next musical offering.

"I am working on some new stuff, it's tricky because I am doing too many things. I am also working on an erotic album, which is confusing to a lot of people that are like 'Thandiswa, sister of the nation, erotic album?' But I'm just like 'Yes, please can we be sexy for a minute. Just don't let the children listen to this one," she said.

Thandiswa explained that she was also working on an African music album as well as a punk rock collaboration where she would channel her "rage".

"I am doing a collaboration with the Black Jacks for a punk rock album. So that I can engage my angry/rage side," she explained.

The musician has told TshisaLIVE that she loves to explore different types of music. Thandiswa's signature is her vocals which stand out in every song she sings.

"After being in the music industry for a long time, sticking to one genre gets a little boring and you want to explore different things," she said at the time.

Her latest musical offering Belede, which is dedicated to her late mother, has received general acclaim and air play.