Actress Sonia Sedibe has finally spoken out about why she was not surprised when the much-publicised Generations mass exodus scandal happened in 2014.

The actress resigned from Generations after nine years on the soapie and shortly after she left the soapie, she watched the mass exodus unfold.

She explained to the Trending SA team that she was not surprised when all the actors eventually left.

"I knew it was going to happen. It was long time coming because every time we negotiated contracts, they would promise to do right by us the next year but it never happened," she said.

Sonia left Generations after having cemented her name in the industry through playing Ntombi Dlomo.

Despite the challenges at the soapie Sonia admitted that Generations "paid better" than other soapies at the time. However, she emphasised that after nine years on the show, she felt she deserved more.

"The lowest paid on Generations, was the highest paid on other soapies," she said.

Sonia took the opportunity to also clarify that she left the soapie to focus on her family.

"It was really time. I was there for 9 years and my kids were really small. So I thought I was gonna focus on my marriage, at the time, and my kids, so no regrets," she said.