'The lady in the yellow dress' might never grace the red carpet ever again! Skolopad said that she is "not coping" with the pressure and financial strain that comes with fame.
"People want to treat me like a celebrity when it suits them. They want me to make appearances for "exposure" and that makes me suffer. Even now, I can't even afford a dress for the SAMAs and I am thinking of just giving up," she said.

The musician, who is also a nurse and mother to a teenage daughter, shared that her music persona is taking too much money to maintain.

She told TshisaLIVE she's aware that people are expecting her to "make a dramatic return" to the the red carpet. Skolopad added that she is "depressed" by people in her community who don't want to "help" her but will "want to claim" her when she is on TV.

"I couldn't go back to the last designer because I actually had to make a lot of changes on that dress myself. Because of the attention I know I'll get, I now need a real show stopper but nobody wants to help me," she said.

Skolopad said that her performance persona is taking too much effort, money and time but is not yielding results as fast as she had hoped.

The musician said at the moment even her manager doesn't know what to do because is no way to fund 'Skolopad' without making her personal life suffer.

"I am beginning to think that Skolopad might not be worth the stress. I feel like I am going crazy. But maybe something will come up," she said.