Police in Malawi are investigating a case in which a schoolgirl was said to have risen from the dead, reports say.

Accoding to Nyasa Times, the girl, who was believed to have died in 1997, was found wandering about at Namulenga in Mulanje district on Wednesday.

Police confirmed the incident, saying that the girl had been asked by a certain lady who she was and she told her she would only narrate her story to the police.

Once at the police station, the girl started “behaving strangely”, resulting in the police taking her to the hospital. They regarded her as a mental patient.

Investigations were still under way, as police tried to find her relatives.

In February, Malawi24 reported that a teenage boy, 16, had risen from the dead ten years after his death.

Michael Katugwa’s resurrection left many people shocked and they flocked to his village to see him.

“The father said that their son died in 2007 at Mchinji District Hospital while at the age of six after a short illness,” police were quoted as saying at the time.