Sbahle Misane was born in 1993. ... motivator and the daughter of wealthy Durban tycoon, Sbu Mpisane

Sbahle Mpisane aka 'The Fitness Bunny' is teaching us a couple of things about health and fitness.
She takes to her social media pages to share her intense fitness regime – from her workouts to her meal plans, she subtly reveals tips and tricks of how to get that body fit and healthy.

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I think it's time to be happy again... there is no better feeling than love ❤️ #Fitnessbunnie #ThickAndFit #InstaFit #InstaFitness #Healthy #Lifestyle #Fitspo #Fitness πŸ“Έ @simzphoto

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GET WISE ABOUT WATER! I’m a big fan of infused water. I usually have 2litres of filtered water in my fridge filled with lemon, cucumber, ginger and sometimes I add grapefruit, berries, mint leaves or whatever detoxifying fruit really. It’s so tasty and refreshing especially if you hate the taste of water, this keep you motivated to sip it all day long. --------------------------------------------Okay so why do I blend my water instead of add sliced pieces? I’ve seen claims that up to 20% of the nutrients in soaking ingredients will leach into your infused water which doesn’t add up to a nutritional powerhouse❗️So to get more of the nutritional benefit of the fruit in your infused water, it only makes sense that you have to actually consume the fruit! And that why I blend mine with waterπŸ’‘ --------------------------------------------Here are some BENEFITS of infused water : - Assists with weight loss - Slows down aging process - Gets rid of toxins - Helps with digestion - Reduces belly fat -------------------------------------------- Google other infused water recipes and try having 2lites of this everyday. Drop an comment below if you will try this out and Don't forget to tag me on your pictures πŸ’• #DetoxSunday #InfusedWater #instahealth #healthy #lifestyle #instafitness #fitness #fitspo

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Meal prepping to a New You, all under 30mins! ------------------------ Here's a great lunch box idea for weight loss. If you don't have pesto, it's not a train smash the food will still taste great. You can add 250ml (1cup) of rice to your meal if you just want to maintain your current body weight. ------------------------ Combine this with a healthy breakfast~ 250ml of jungle oat, eggs on the side and your liquids (green tea and water) ------------------------ For supper you can have protein with green veggies or a Greek salad. ------------------------ DM me pictures of your meal preps 😬 #eatclean #instahealth #instafit #healthy #lifestyle #instafitness #fit #fitspo #fitness #mealprep

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