Presenter-turned-pastor Pushie Watson opened up about being in an "abusive" relationship when she was younger and how cases like Karabo Mokoena have helped intensify the awareness around violence against women.

Pastor Pushie is popularly known at 'Pushie Pushie' from 90s youth and music show Jam Alley. The influential minister has since reinvented her brand and became a pastor.

She opened up in an interview on The Great Escape, where she spoke about the abuse that she endured as a 21-year-old as they discussed the "sudden" attacks and killings of women in the country.

"I think it's just awareness. I think it's always been going on. I remember being that 21-year-old girl that was being dragged by my hair up the stairs and being beaten and being told 'I'll slash your face so that you never become famous.' I was Karabo, but by the grace of God, I survived," she said.

Pushie added that no one has the right to judge Karabo or women like her. She added that gender based violence is not new but it has been thrust into the spotlight because women are now using their voices to raise awareness.

"There's always been threats towards women and children but we had no voice, we were silent because the same people we would go to complain to would protect the people who were attacking us. We couldn't speak out," she said.

Pushie spoke out and asked women to support and help each other move out of potentially dangerous situations. She said stories like Karabos remind her how it could have been her.

Karabo Mokoena was found dead on April 29. Her charred remains were found in a ditch behind a park in Lyndhurst. Her boyfriend has since been arrested in connection to her murder.