We love speaking to the people you’re interested in so we can find out what they’ll be up to next and Asanda Foji is no exception, we caught up with her back in January and she told us all about her latest project back before it was even a reality.

Leaving Generations wasn’t as bad for her career as some of you thought it would be. The actress decided to switch things up and use her love for fitness (and her bodacious bod) to bring in some extra money while keeping her fans cute as they work out?

When asked what we can expect from her in 2017, she was a bit ambiguous, stating “this project is my biggest plan for 2017 which I will not rest until it is done.”

Before adding “and of course getting back on the big screen which has always been and will always be my first love and with God as my manager, I plan on making 2017 my most successful year.”

If you’re not the type to be found in the gym sweating it out on all that hectic equipment, don’t worry, Asanda wanted to make her gear quite accessible for all women.

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