You may think you know everything about Pearl Modiadie, but you really don't. We chatted to the TV presenter and got these golden nuggets for ya

The Pearl Modiadie song puts her name on the list with other celebs like Pearl Thusi, Bonang Matheba and Steve Kekana. The song sings her praises and chants her achievements.
Pearl said she has learnt the hard way when it comes to allowing her fans too much freedom in her private space. However, she said that as a public figure she knows that she must still share some of her life with her followers.
"I know that we ultimately control what we share about ourselves, so I made a conscious decision to share only a certain portion of my life," she said.
The presenter-turned-producer also gave TshisaLIVE some fun facts about herself:
Most expensive gift you have ever bought? A house for my father
Weirdest fan request?  "Will you marry me?"
Location of first kiss? Outside my high school gate (I ran away after kissing him)

Best vacation destination? New York or Bali, or Amsterdam... okay I can't decide.
Longest friendship? 18 years. She is my day one
Boat or plane? Plane if it's business class (Economy class is not kind on the body when going on long trips)
Are you willing to try an extreme sport? Yes, skydiving. I'm still plucking up the courage.

Most touching interview? My interview with Felicia Mabuza-Suttle. I still can't believe how much more she was in person than in my imagination.
Latest music obsession? Jullian Gomes' debut solo album titled Late Dreamer
Oldest clothing/accessory item you can't part with? My mother's ring
What do you splurge on? Home decoration items (I love being surrounded by beautiful things)