Hendrick and Adolphina invite the rest of Mzansi to their beautiful matrimony, but not all was easy for the lovely couple.

It was love at first sight for Hendrick when he first met Adolphina, unfortunately for him his proposal to Adolphina wasn't easily accepted from the go.

After a few days of convincing, Adolphina eventually approved of Hendrick's proposal to be his girlfriend, little did she know that Hendrick would be a hit and run.

After finding out that Adolphina was pregnant with his child Hendrick disappeared for almost 10 years with no communication whatsoever.

Understandably so, Adolphina's family was disappointed and thought Hendrick's actions were very disrespectful.

We were also quite shocked to find out that Hendrick only revealed to his mom that he had a child when his daughter was around 13 to 14-years old.

Thankfully, Hendrick humbled himself and reached out to Adolphina and her family to claim his role as present father in their daughter's life. However, upon his return, he also managed to win Adolphina's heart again which eventually lead to their wedding.

Nomsa even commended Adolphina for her patience throughout these years.

However, Twitter was relentless.

Regardless of Hendrick's past, their wedding was beautiful and like all weddings, there were hiccups here and there but all was well.

We especially loved their traditional attire and decor.

Our favourite was when we saw Adolphina dancing, for a minute we thought she was dancing with her husband only to find out it's another man.

Quite strange considering that your first dance should be with your husband?

Hendrick then went on to explain that the reason he was not dancing with his wife is because he is a shy man and does not dance.

Surely your shyness should take a back seat on your wedding day no?

We later went on to find out that the man Adolphina was dancing with was her cousin.

Hmm, this cousin was dancing extremely close to Adolphina though.


Even Hendrick's facial expression caused great concern for us, but hey, that's just the cousin so let's leave it at that.

Congratulations to the couple, if it wasn't for Adolphina's kind heart and forgiveness we doubt that this wedding would've happened.

We hope Hendrick will appreciate the fact that he has a real woman on his side, and doing her wrong twice would be his greatest mistake ever.