The daughter of former Hawks boss Mthandazo Berning Ntlemeza on Thursday phoned a police officer who was a complainant in a case against her father, and threatened to kill him.

Anele Ntlemeza, who is also a police officer, insulted Police Minister Fikile Mbalula during the call. She accused the officer of being an informant for Mbalula and said "they didn’t give a fuck" about the minister.

The phone call was made soon after Ntlemeza lost an application in the High Court in Pretoria on Thursday in which he attempted to interdict Mbalula from removing him as the Hawk’s head. The application was struck off the roll.

The phone calls were all recorded and News24 has a copy of them.

The officer, Captain Boitumelo Ramahlaha, has previously opened cases against Ntlemeza for corruption and defeating the ends of justice, after he alleged a docket against a Limpopo police officer mysteriously went missing.

The officer was allegedly romantically linked to Ntlemeza’s other daughter, Amanda.

Ntlemeza has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Ramahlaha was suspended a few months after the dockets were opened. Forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan said this was allegedly because a story had appeared in the media on the dockets being opened, and that the police had accused Ramahlaha of leaking it.

O’Sullivan said he had, in fact, been the source.

"I am guilty as charged for exposing these corrupt cops to the media. I fully admit I leaked the story on Ramahlaha opening a docket on Ntlemeza to the media," he said.

'I will come after you with everything I’ve got'

During Thursday's phone calls, Anele confirms to Ramahlaha that it is her calling and accuses him of intimidating and harassing her sister.

She tells the suspended captain that she knows where he lives and has his father’s telephone numbers.

"Stop messing around with my family or I will come after you with everything I’ve got. I will go as far as killing you," she said.

Ramahlaha asks: "Are you willing to kill me for Ntlemeza?"

Anele responds: "You think you are clever? You psychotic motherfucker. You need a psychiatric evaluation. If I ever hear you contact or insult my sister, you are dead. I will kill you. Call her now and it will be your last day."

She tells him she is in Pretoria and that they must meet face to face. She then asks why Ramahlaha is not calling her father.

He responds that he does not have his number as the minister had taken his phone.

"Who is the minister to us? You are his fool. You are his informant… Do you think we give a fuck about him?" she asks.

Listen to the full conversation here
- Daily Sun