Local star Ntando Duma was a guest on Metro FM on Thursday morning. The open and honest chat took place on The Fresh Breakfast.

The presenter and actress spoke about the backlash she has received following her pregnancy news, losing her virginity and her cravings.

Some of the highlights from the interview:Fresh Breakfast sports presenter Mpho asked the actress about the backlash that she received following the recent announcement of her pregnancy so soon after her Umemulo (coming of age ceremony) in October 2016.

Ntando cleared the air, saying that she was still a virgin at the time of ceremony and only lost her virginity the next day.

The model added that she was scared the news coming so soon after the ceremony but “whatever comes to her she deals with it.”

Ntando said that her number one pregnancy craving at the moment is bananas. She says she can eat up to 7 bananas a day.

The 21-year-old also revealed that she is having a baby girl.

The interview on The Fresh Breakfast was supposed to take place on Wednesday but was cancelled due to Duma’s morning sickness.

The mom-to-be’s bae is Junior De Rocka.

Here he is:

-The Juice