The late Nomthandazo, presumably a woman, judging by the name, usually given to females, died in December 2008 and her family had something most unusual to write about her on her tombstone.

In a picture that has been circulating on social media, it seems someone visited the cemetery and came across a tombstone.

On the stone, the family wrote that Nomthandazo would “solemly” be missed by her family, sisters and brothers – which is what most families write, though more often without the bad grammar.

However, it’s the last part that has caught people’s attention, with everyone trying to explain what the family meant. In addition to the family missing Nomthandazo, her “three man [sic]” are apparently also missing her.

Some said the family meant the 32-year-old’s three sons, while others say perhaps she had three husbands or boyfriends. Perhaps they meant a husband and two sons but just did not have space to fit all of that in, some have argued?

What do you think the family meant to say?

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