UZALO actress, Nompilo Maphumulo, is said to be stuck at a transit camp. This because her application for an RDP house was turned down. Nompilo plays Nosipho Xulu, the daughter of Muzi Xulu in the SABC1 telenova. Her family and a neighbour were left behind at the transit camp.

According to moles close to the situation, last December Nompilo was refused ownership of an RDP house in Cornorbia because she apparently earns a living as an actress. This despite the fact that she had applied for the house seven years ago.

Said the source: “Back then, she qualified for an RDP, but it doesn’t mean she’s got money now that she’s in Uzalo.” According to the source, Nompilo is not permanently employed and her contract could be terminated any moment.

“She qualified, and she and her family were moved to a transit camp in Newlands outside Durban,” said another source. According to sources, Nompilo applied for an RDP before she landed a role in Uzalo. When called for a comment, an angry Nompilo asked the SunTeam: “Who told you that? What are you trying to achieve?

I was the one who was staying at transit camps. “For you to ask me about where I’m staying, I think that’s private and prefer to keep it that way. “Go back to your source and tell him or her to tell you everything because it seems your source knows so much.”

Nompilo’s aunt Sthembile Maphumulo confirmed that they were still staying at a transit camp. Sthembile said: “It’s painful for us to be sidelined like this because my nephew is seen on TV. As far as I’m concerned, Nompilo is not permanent in Uzalo. “Nompilo has been staying there alone for five months. They found out that she’s an actress and didn’t give her a house,” said the source.

“She’s all alone now. People were moved out of the camp before December last year, and only two households were left behind. Thieves will think she has money since she’s always appearing in Uzalo.”

Another source claimed Nompilo and her family had been living in transit camps for seven years, hoping they would be allocated a house in Cornorbia. “It’s not good for Nompilo’s reputation as an actress who has just found her feet.

“The Housing Department was unfair to Nompilo and her family. That might force her to go and look for a job, maybe in Joburg,” the source said. For the municipality to neglect us like this after waiting for seven years is unfair. “We were on the list and all of my neighbours have since been moved to stay at Cornorbia.”

Gugu Zulu, who is a ward councillor in the area, on Friday requested the SunTeam to send her an email, but hadn’t responded to our questions at the time of going to press.

Source : DailySun