Zahara has zero f's to give and she's making that crystal clear to her hatersAfter hogging tabloid headlines for the past two weeks Zahara shared a saucy picture of herself on Instagram with a saucy message.

"Nobody ever made a plan to be fat, lazy, stupid or broke... but that's what happens when you don't have a plan," she said.

Zahara evidently has a plan and she's making sure ya'll know about it!
In the wake of 'broke' reports and claims that she 'dodged' paying her restaurant bill, the singer told TshisaLIVE she believed someone has a vendetta against her.

A fuming Zahara said that there was a smear campaign to drag her reputation through the mud.

"Maybe there is just a vendetta against me. I don't know why people say such things about me. I have tried so hard to let people into my life," she said.

Zahara also made it clear that she has a plan and knows where she is headed!