Many of us would love to spoil our parents rotten with all that money can buy. 
Unfortunately for some of us our wallets aren't as heavy as some celebrities out there but we do try to spoil our parents in other ways.
Here are just some celebrities who spoiled their parents by buying them new cars.
Natasha Thahane:
Just recently Natasha bought her folks a new a ride, we're not quite sure what brand the car is but that doesn't really matter, their child bought them a car and that's more than enough. Respect to you Natasha.
In August 2016 AKA bought his dear mommy a sexy black BMW as a gift for being the great mother she is.

AKA and mom
Also, it may seem like AKA also bought mommy dearest a new home as well. Why renovate your mom's house when you can just buy her a new one. Levels.
Minnie Dlamini
Last year in August, Minnie gave us all chest pains when she posted a video of herself surprising her parents with a brand new BMW as well.
The most touching part about this video was when Minnie's mom cried.
For all of us who can't afford to buy our parents new cars, a bunch of flowers every now and then for mommy and some tickets to your dad's favourite sports game should do.