Muvhango's Gabriel Temudzani has lashed out against the recent spate of brutal incidents involving women and children in the country.

Through a lengthy social media statement Gabriel said that in light of the recent killings and rapes of women, and children men needed to "wake up".
"I strongly feel that as people and men in particular we need to wake up, reflect and reclaim our position and responsibility in our families and society," he said.
The actor added that he felt people could not afford to keep quiet anymore.
"We cannot afford to keep quiet whilst the house is on fire, one life is too much to lose. As my father would say, 'it starts with me in my own private space/home to say I denounce violence and live up to that,'" he added.
Gabriel said that parents needed to teach boy children to respect and protect girls, and girls must be taught to love and respect themselves.
In light of the string of brutal incidents that have rocked the country over the past two weeks, the actor said that it was worrying that the culprits lived amongst us.
"The most worrying factor is that, the perpetrators of this phenomenon that has engulfed our society live amongst us in our families and communities therefore let's encourage each other to uproot them," he said.