Actor Mutodi Neshehe’s American wife, Leslee, is a broken woman.

Late last year she discovered that her husband of almost 13 years, the father of her two daughters, was allegedly cheating on her and exchanging sexually suggestive messages with not one young lover, but two.

Soapie fans will remember Neshehe for his role as Ndalamo Mukwevho on Muvhango. He also played Zola on Generations: The Legacy. He can now be seen on’s new drama series Broken Vows and Harvest.

Two friends of the couple told City Press that they wanted to spill the beans on the couple’s marriage because they were worried about Leslee, who is vulnerable and frightened to air her dirty laundry in public.

Friends this week described Neshehe as a “cheat of note”.

Leslee, the friends say, found out about his alleged shenanigans last October after she became suspicious and checked his cellphone. They have not shared a bed for two months.

One of the friends said when Leslee found sexual messages between her husband and one of his young lovers, she got the shock of her life and it affected her deeply.

City Press has seen a direct Twitter message that was part of an exchange between Neshehe and a young love interest in which Neshehe wrote: “You don’t have to bite, you can just nibble a little, wink wink.”

Other saucy messages City Press has also seen are WhatsApp exchanges between Neshehe and a young university student.

He wrote: “This is what you make me do. I’ll see you soon.”

She responded: “... I need it. Crossing fingers. I want to ... let you use and abuse me.”

In a WhatsApp exchange with the same woman, she asks him why he is only sending her a partial picture of his private parts. “Send the full thing please and chest,” she wrote. The rest of her message is too salacious to print. She then said she wanted to meet him.

He responded: Let’s make it tomorrow.” However Neshehe yesterday strongly denied having any affairs, saying: “I’m not sleeping with anybody.”

After City Press read the text messages to him, he remained insistent that he was not being unfaithful to his wife. He declined to comment about any sort of split from his wife, saying: “I do not discuss my family matters in public.”

The friends say Neshehe and Leslee’s marriage began to sour late last year.

“He just started acting very strange for petty things such as kitchen towels. After putting them to dry outside, if she had forgotten to remove them he will go all angry at her,” said one.

One of the friends said Leslee was trying to stay strong and put on a brave face for her daughters. “They’ve lost their father and they can’t lose me too,” is what she is said to have told the friend. Contacted for comment, Leslee said: “I don’t discuss my private life with the media.”

Leslee and Neshehe met at a restaurant in North Carolina, US, 15 years ago.

“It was just love at a first sight – they just connected the same day they met,” said one of the friends. However, she now feels the man she is married to is not the same man she fell in love with.

Warning bells started going off when Neshehe began attending work functions without his wife and coming home in the early hours of the morning, said one friend.

“They used to be inseparable. They used to grace magazine covers together and they were a happy couple,” she says.

Neshehe has apparently told his friends that he wants to break up with his wife because she doesn’t contribute financially to the family, placing strain on him.

“This is very strange because she runs a talent agency called the Belle Talent Agency. She is a drama teacher and she teaches life orientation at a private school to cover school fees for their two daughters,” one of the friends said. Leslee is also a psychologist, but she’s struggling to get a job in South Africa.

The other friend added: “He forgets that Leslee sacrificed a lot for their family. She even took half of her retirement money to buy their home, worth at least R4 million, when he was going through hard times.”

“Leslee has found more than enough evidence. Earlier this year, he left their home and booked into a popular bed and breakfast in Pretoria. When Leslee confronted him, he said he went to meet up with a friend for a business meeting,” said the friend.

“Neshehe’s parents tried to reach [out] to him, but they are ..., because he can be very intimidating at times,” said one of the couple’s friends.

“Unfortunately, Leslee’s family want her to come back home to America.”