THE new Mrs Shivambu has slammed her haters, who have labelled her an “ANC bride”.

Last week, reports suggested that she was a card-carrying ANC member.

In a statement to the People’s Paper, Sihle – as she is known to her friends – said: “Let me set the record straight. I don’t work for the political office.

“It is important to clarify that I am not an ANC member – or a member of any other political organisation.

“This is why the fake news about my membership is so alarming. It is based on an desire to create division and confusion.

“The rumour is perhaps generated from the fact that I work in the Speaker’s Office in Parliament.

“But I don’t work in (Baleka) Mbete’s political office. I work for Parliament.

“As an official, I’m obligated to remain non-partisan and provide unbiased legal advice.

“I am a professional, a UCT B.Sc and LLB graduate.

“I serve with integrity and am not a member of any political organisation.

“Politics has nothing to do with our marriage,” said Mrs Shivambu.

In support of his bride, EFF stalwart Floyd said: “The central issue here is that she’s not a member of the ANC.

“She got her legal adviser job on merit.”

Last week, the SunTeam asked ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa about Sihle’s ANC status.

He said: “We have no records of her as a card carrying member.

“But love has no boundaries. Let’s take politics out of their relationship and congratulate them on their marriage.”

Moloto Mothapo, speaking on behalf of Parliament, told the People’s Paper: “The staffer in question is not designated to the private office of the Speaker.

“She is part of the general parliamentary support services.

“Further, it must be emphasised that trust relationships between Parliament, as an employer, and employees is not based on marital statuses or political affiliations – but on relevant policies and legislative framework.”