Minnie Dlamini is engaged and in the middle of planning her wedding to producer Quinton Jones. She however also embraces her culture and how other people choose to love. Minnie shares how she feels about polygamy.

She might be a monogamist herself but Minnie who is known for embracing her roots says it’s part of her culture and has no issues with it.

 Taking to twitter in response to a fan who asked her her views on the topic, Minnie had this to say. “I have no issues with isithembu. It’s a part of my culture,” she replied.

Minnie is not the first local celeb to share her views on the topic, a few months ago Boity shared how she is willing to have a discussion with her partner on having more than one partner.

“I still have a lot to unlearn before giving an honest answer to this. Real talk. For now…I’m willing to discuss it with a future partner,” Boity shared on twitter.