End Girl Hate founder LeAnne Dlamini has come out strongly against female celebrities who never consider other people's feelings, saying they are spreading the 'wrong' message to young women.

LeAnne is on a mission to make the End Girl Hate campaign a national movement and she feels that influential women have a responsibility to show young girls that women can lift each other up.
"I feel that female celebrities can do better in educating women to uplift each other. Because I am in this industry, I feel I need to talk about the elephant in the room," she said.

The singer added that female celebrities' "over-entitlement" often make them forget that they are role models.

She explained that the campaign - which she started after a women sent her a nasty DM (direct message) on social media - aims to incorporate other female personalities this year.

"I have been getting massive support from some of the women in the industry and it is encouraging that there are women in the industry who want to see other women do great things," she said.

LeAnne revealed that her own circle of "sisterhood" consist of people like Mrs SA 2016 Candice Abrahams and publicist Melanie Ramjee. She added that she would ensure that the campaign grows and is able to help more people.

"As a mother to daughters, I feel it is important for them to have a constant reminder that there is enough light for all of us. For someone to tell them that they don't have to pull other women down to go up," LeAnne said.

The musician, who got a SAMA nomination for Best Engineered Album, also said that she is juggling motherhood, sisterhood and being a wife and great musician, but she wouldn't trade it for the world.